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Below is a selection of video testimonials from recent workshops. Underneath you will find written testimonials which are compiled through feedback forms at the conclusion of each workshop. Some have company names and titles with permission. For others we only have first names due to privacy.

We understand that there can be a tendency for some service providers to embellish written testimonials so we are more than happy to provide the original hard-copy feedback or put you in touch with the person who gave the feedback.

We are also very happy to provide you with references if you would like to contact organisations who have engaged Ambient Orchestras.

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonial (above, 1 min) : Staff from the People & Organisational Development team at the City of Port Phillip reflect on their team development session with Ambient Orchestras.


Video Testimonial (above, 1 min) : General Manager of Provax Australia, Leigh Cassidy, comments after Ambient Orchestras team-building workshop with Provax staff.

Written Testimonials

"You really put me at east even though I can't play a musical instrument! Anyone can do it"
Hamish, General Manager, HealthSync

"It was like no other team buiding event I've ever done. We rocked up to work with a smile on our face for the next week"
Kate, Jonas Constructions

"Our team loved it! We were all playing together, working off each other, and laughing. Receiving the fruits of our labout a week later in the form of an MP3 and hearing my workmates play our songs that we created just topped it off."
Leo, Sales Manager, Office Health

"Why didn't anyone think of this before?"

Phil, Compass Club

"So much could be achieved together within such a short period of time. The ordinary became the extraordinary".
Grant, City of Hume

“A fantastic team development session! Every person contributed to the marking of a hit that was entirely ours.”
Rachelle, Bayside Group

“Ambient Orchestras specializes in bringing people together in an accessible, inclusive creatively stimulating environment. No prior musical experience is required to participate and contribute.”

Martin, Sportscover

"It was a great way for the team to collaborate on a goal. We all worked well together. It promoted team building skills"
Emanuela, City of Port Phillip

“We loved the music workshops facilitated by Ambient Orchestras. It gave our group an opportunity to develop their music skills, work collaboratively as a team and learn from a professional musician. The Smith Family would highly recommend Ambient Orchestras to other community groups”
Leesl, Smith Family

"What a great day to learn and play as a team. Taking yourself outside of the usual with a fantastic outcome"

"Let go of what you can't do because you can do this."

"Great for every personality type (even cynics) – very fun and engaging."

"You made it easy for us to stretch our create streaks. It was great to see people step out of their comfort zone"

"It was about supporting the team to contribute. This really encouraged us to get rid of "ourselves" and collaborate for something bigger"

"I was skeptical of the nature of the workshop but thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. It helped build my confidence to present in front of others"

"I was able to work creatively with team members I don’t usually have much to do with"

"It was a great afternoon – it’s not often we get the chance to show artistic license. Today was great!"

"I have never laughed so much, it was so much fun – I feel stress free now!"

"Great! A way to play with each other and explore creative collaboration through the realm of music"

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