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Like any successful team, a band or orchestra must work together in cooperation to create great sounding music. And every individual’s contribution to the final result – an original piece of music – is critically important.

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Without administration, HR or sales staff a team may struggle to perform well. However with everyone contributing and drawing on their strengths, and when there is a shared sense of ownership, a team can perform to its potential.

The same is true for a band. The Beatles would have struggled without Ringo on the drums, U2 wouldn’t sound right without The Edge on lead guitar, and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra just wouldn’t cut it without the woodwind section.
An Ambient Orchestras' workshop creates a genuine shared positive experience where the whole team contributes to create a piece of music from scratch. Like any well-functioning team, everyone contributes. It’s not about one person playing or writing and everyone else singing along as the background chorus.

An Ambient Orchestras' team-building workshop requires cooperation and collaboration. Groups witness improved team cohesion and morale, as well as improved interpersonal relationships in a relaxed, creative and safe environment.

The workshops investigate risk and creativity, negotiating ideas in a constructive way, time management, presentation skills, rehearsal and performance, maintaining energy and memory.

Best of all, Ambient Orchestras' workshops are energizing and fun! Does anyone not like music?! If your team is tired, needing a break, then something fun and creative will lift morale, mood and productivity.

For more information on our methods, experience and extra detail on exactly how we ensure your team receives all of these benefits, please see our FAQ page or contact us.

“The best team development we’ve done... What a creative and fun way to appreciate and learn about team cohesiveness.”
Leanne, City of Port Phillip

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