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Strategic Planning Workshops

Ambient Orchestras provides workplaces with strategic planning and business planning workshops. We utilise and are qualified in Technology of Participation (TOP) methods to assist teams reach their outcomes. TOP methods, which comprises a proven set of group facilitation and leadership methods, are used in more than 30 countries worldwide. The methods include:

• The Discussion/ORID (Objective, Reflective, Interpretive, Decisional) Method
• The Workshop Method

We utilise these methods in our strategic planning workshops, incorporating the guiding principles with the unique features of Ambient Orchestras – music listening, composition and performance. Ambient Orchestras facilitates whole-of-brain thinking designed to unlock the right side of the brain that benefits strategic and long-term thought to reveal new ideas from participants. (For more information on whole-of brain thinking and split-brain research see our FAQ page)

In conjunction with internationally recognised processes, such as TOP, our strategic planning workshops offer a richer experience to unearth new ideas and pathways. We also use the latest digital technology to record ideas and strategies so you can easy manipulate information and view strategic planning from multiple perspectives. We emphasise the importance and value of collaboration and communication in developing strategies that benefit your workplace.

For more information on our methods, experience and extra detail on exactly how we ensure your team meets your strategic goals, please contact us or see our FAQ page.

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