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Combating Implicit Bias in the Workplace

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Combating Implicit Bias in the Workplace

Ambient Orchestras delivers a unique, musically-charged whole of community experience designed to combat implicit bias in the workplace. Our adaptable projects help staff overcome implicit bias towards people with disabilities.

> Download our Implicit Bias Project Brochure with details on the 6-step project

Implicit bias refers to how people automatically view disadvantaged groups in the community. We frequently categorise people through what we have learned through media, parents, peers and society as a whole. This is the foundation of stereotypes, prejudice and, often, discrimination.

Ambient Orchestras works extensively in the community alongside young people with an intellectual disability and brings workplace and community groups together to challenge and combat implicit bias and attitudes towards people with a disability. Our projects foster acceptance and recognition of people’s strengths rather than perceived deficiencies.

Ambient Orchestras not only challenges how we view socially disadvantaged groups, but how we view colleagues, clients, customers and stakeholders in our professional and personal lives. Through our long history of working with young people with a disability in the community and facilitating team development workshops in workplaces, Ambient Orchestras is ideally placed to broker these workplace-community links.

We have a 6-step project ready to be implemented at your workplace. It invovles corporate and community engagement, discovery and celebration, and culminates in a once-in-a-lifetime musical performance.

The performance of the merged “super-group” at a corporate of community event empowers all individuals involved in combating implicit bias and presents a unified, collaborative and community-inclusive front for your organisation. Ambient Orchestras' community groups regularly attract community interest and local and national media.

If your workplace or team is committed to combating implicit bias in the workplace, please contact us to discuss an Ambient Orchestras' project.

““I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to be able to help with the program last Friday. I had a great time working with the participants and look forward to working with you all again. Ambient Orchestra’s is truly amazing and the work that you guys do with assisting people of all abilities to express themselves through the art of music is very inspiring.
Silvia, City of Hume, team development participant who mentored participants of an all-abilities group.
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