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Imagination is more important than knowledge
Albert Einstein

Einstein was right, although Linus Pauling, one of only 4 people to win multiple Nobel prizes, was also spot on the money when he said, “the best way to get a good idea is to get lots of ideas."

Creativity has become a key competitive advantage in many industries. Difficult times can lead to great innovations and many organisations capitalize on creativity thinking to improve business capabilities .

Our workshops are based around genuine creativity, a key competitive advantage to any organisation, products or industry. Participants and teams must cultivate their ingenuity in our workshops, using music, song-writing and linking this to organisational and team objectives. 

Music has long being recognised as assisting “divergent thinking” and cultivating new ideas. Indeed, organisations are beginning to capitalize on these benefits to stimulate commercial and personal growth.

Not convinced? The London Business School has established artist-in-residence programs. The Melbourne University Business School has employed a Philosopher-in-Residence, John Armstrong, to develop the art of leadership among students, business and alumni because they see this as a "critical time in human history when leadership needs new ways of thinking". Professor Armstrong notes that, "serious business education is always going to have its innovative, experimental side, and innovation depends on a willingness to explore possibilities before you can be sure of the results".

Even Unilever, one of the biggest companies in the world (including brands such as Sunsilk, Rexona, Dove, Lipton, Lynx and Streets) employs painters, poets and musicians to inspire the rest of its staff!

Ambient Orchestras' clients have used our creative and supportive environment to cross boundaries, identify new opportunities and make connections between them. We supported one client during a workshop to create new branding ideas and even a new company name.

Ambient Orchestras facilitates whole-of-brain thinking designed to unlock the right side of the brain that benefits strategic and long-term thought to reveal new ideas from participants. (For more information on whole-of brain thinking and split-brain research see our FAQ page)

For more information please contact us or see our FAQ page.

"So much could be achieved together within such a short period of time. The ordinary became the extraordinary"
Virginia, City of Hume.
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