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 Conference and Events

Ambient Orchestras' workshops are ideal for conference and workplace events and functions because they offer participatory and interactive entertainment for guests. Ambient Orchestras provides a contemporary, eye-catching and authentic experience. The focus is on the playing of varied instruments; rather than single-instrument exercises, such as choirs or drum-circles.

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Best of all, Ambient Orchestras is not a one-way exchange. Guests participate in the performance and no prior musical experience is required.

Ambient Orchestras' conference and event installations offer activities that are contemporary, fun and energizing. Our installations are frequently developed with visual images to compliment the theme of particular workshops, events, and conferences.

We utilise the latest technology so any guest who has an iphone (or other smartphone) can join the band and use their phone as an instrument. Guests can download one of thousands of apps, plug them into our equipment and join the performance.

The music is all recorded and distributed post-conference or uploaded onto the conference website. We can also organise the filming and editing the footage for online use – though you might find it’s the most watched presentation of the conference!

For more information on our methods, experience and extra detail on exactly how we ensure your team meets your strategic goals, please contact us or see our FAQ page.


"Your session was a great success - from the Buddhist monk as guitar hero to the kazoo playing volunteers and the enthusiastic percussionists and singers! Thanks so much for giving our delegates such an uplifting and inspiring close to the first day of the conference".

Beth Phelan, Conference Director, Mind And Its Potential, November 2011

"As one of the organizers of the Victorian Facilitators Network’s one day conference, I was very keen to find an engaging and meaningful opening and closing to the day. This is exactly what Ambient Orchestra provided. In 15 minutes at the start of the day, Ambient Orchestra quickly had all 70 attendees participating in a soundscape that helped build a sense of group identity and excitement about the day ahead. At the end of the day, they facilitated a feedback and reflection session by gathering the impressions and comments of participants, using those words as lyrics to a song, handing out easy-to-play instruments, and enabling everyone sing a very amusing and celebratory summation of the day."

Gillian Jones, joint-convener Victorian Facilitators’ Network ‘One Day Wonder’ Facilitation Conference, September 2011

"Ambient Orchestra’s non-threatening and encouraging approach meant that everyone felt at ease and enjoyed playfully participating in group musical activities which facilitated group forming and were connected to the themes of the day."

Martin Kelly, Marketing Manager, Sportscover Insurance, February 2011
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