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Ambient Orchestras is a music program for individuals with an intellectual disability. It is a results driven endeavour that provides a platform for increasing and sustaining artistic expression, independence, choice and collaboration. Using a variety of electronic and acoustic instruments accompanied by projected film and animated imagery, Ambient Orchestras brings artistic minds together to work as a team in a composing, rehearsing, recording and performing environment.

The involvement of other musicians and artists from the community provides individuals with an opportunity to collaborate and become part of a wider artistic network. In progressing towards creating a show to be presented at a community-based venue, the individuals involved have the opportunity to not only develop their artistic skills, but also express them to a wider audience.

Ambient Orchestras groups have performed in dozens of events around Victoria since being part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival in October 2008, where the participants were part of the 'Go Show' at the Whitten Oval on Barkly St. Footscray. For five nights in a row the group performed to approximately 120 people per night, and received a resoundingly positive response from the community and the media (The Age, 25/10/08). Groups have since performed at galleries, music festivals, Federation Square and Etihad Statium to thrilled audiences. Groups have recorded live on radio and created scores for theatre production companies (some available as MP3s on our media page).

Goals and Objectives of The Program:

Ambient Orchestras aims to provide an artistic program that aligns with the emphasis placed on self-determination and choice, social inclusion and increased recreational and vocational opportunity in The Disability Act (2006), National Arts and Disability Strategy and The Victorian State Disability Plan 2002-2012.

Program objectives are:

  •  To provide a forum in which individuals are empowered to explore and express their own artistic voice.
  •  To address and foster skills of teamwork and communication through participating as a member of an artistic group.
  •  To build networks and opportunities for collaboration between the participants and musicians/artists from the wider community.
  •  Increase recreational and vocational opportunity within the artistic community
  •  To promote social inclusion and valued social roles through providing participants with an opportunity to become part of the artistic and cultural fabric of their communities. This is achieved through rehearsing, recording, collaboration and performing original art within the community, for the general public.

Ambient Orchestras provides various options to participants and organisations. Please contact us for a quote.

Please note that Ambient Orchestras does not provide personal support or transport to and from venue.
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