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Ambient Orchestras is a results-driven music program that provides a platform for artistic expression, teamwork, collaboration and song-writing. Using a variety of electronic and acoustic instruments Ambient Orchestras brings groups together to work as a team and make active choices in a composing, rehearsing and recording environment!

Our team brings a range of instruments to your school – from keyboards, electric guitars, banjo, percussion and much more. We set up the instruments and take groups through a song writing process looking at themes such as seasons, geography and different cultures. The kids see their ideas and themes crafted into a song, and then rehearse and perform on all of the different instruments.

We incorporate dance, visual art and story-telling with the music to bring together a performing art masterpiece all in the one session.

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Run by professional musicians and facilitators, the Ambient Orchestra model has received significant acclaim since its inception and was awarded the Australian Music Council’s ‘Music in Communities’ Award for 2009 for their innovative practice in promoting inclusion and well-being in the community through music.  

"The children had an amazing time. It was wonderful to see each child so enthusiastic about their performance. The feedback from the parents was all positive. They loved coming in at the end and seeing the final performance and having a sing-along. The children now have a deeper understanding of what drama, music, singing and dancing are and they realise the importance of working as a team."
Julie, Headmaster

A great way to have students think about the performing arts and all its different aspects. And then to be able to put that thinking and experimenting into practice alongside their classmates. Thank you for such a brilliant day!!!
Beth, Grade 2 teacher

I would strongly recommend Ambient orchestras to facilitate a wonderful day of creative teambuilding through music. It is amazing to witness the delight in people making music and producing a song and performance.
Verona, Grade 1 teacher

Contact us for more information or to book in your school for a truly memorable and creative experience.

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