Music and Disability

The use of the arts within disability services to promote expression, independence, choice and teamwork is an ever-developing area. Whether it be through music, visual art, dance, drama or literature, the artistic voice and opinion of individuals is given a chance to shine and develop, providing community presence and inclusion as well as self-determination and identity. The following article may be of interest to some of you!

Art for Art's Sake: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Facilitation of Creativity within Disability Services By Jaclyn Fuller, Fiona Jongsma, Kelly Milne, Sofia Venuti & Kristy Williams, Accessible Arts, Australia, January 2009
This qualitative study focuses on how creativity is facilitated within a range of creative art services for adults with disabilities. The study conducted by the authors is posed from an occupational therapy perspective to draw on the values of current art services run in the Sydney metropolitan area for this specific adult group.
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