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The Joy St. Ambient Orchestras played at The Yarraville Gardens for The Yarraville Picnic at 2:30 pm on Sunday 20th March 2011. Joined by the insightful and dynamic poet, Esther Tuddenham, the group played two 20 minute sets of sublime, chilled Sunday afternoon fodder. Click on the thumbs below to view full-size images:

Ambient Orchestras Scope Images

We've got some new images and awesome time-lapse installations for you! These time-lapse installations are all under 30 seconds:
Installation 1
Installation 2
Installation 3
Installation 4
Installation 5

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  Ambient Orchestras Rainbow on my Wrist and Ian Bland
Check out a collaboration between Rainbow on my Wrist and RRR's resident poet, Ian Bland. Ian is a legend of the Melbourne music scene and one of Australia's finest performance poets. Ambient Orchestras are chuffed to have him on board as a collaborator - enjoy!
Georgia (MP3, 8.2MB, 5:50min)

 Ambient Orchestras 3CR Sessions on Burning Vinyl
This beautiful piece was recorded by Rainbow on My Wrist for a Sarah Tartakover short film. It's called, "I cried the day John Lennon died" and was recorded in May 2011 at the wonderful Hume Studio S in Sunbury, which is part of the Sunbury Youth Centre. That's John Edgar sitting in on piano, and the track was expertly engineered and co-produced by the mercurial Scott Blackman - sit back and enjoy!
I Cried The Day John Lennon Died (MP3, 7.4MB, 5:21min)

 Ambient Orchestras 3CR Sessions on Burning Vinyl
Check out the superb Footscray Ambient Orchestra (based at the Footscray Community Arts Centre) live in the studio at 3CR. The interviews and music were used as part of 3CR's Radiothon for International Day of People with a Disability (3rd December) The group, soon to be known as The Fifth Floor, recorded their chilled out tunes as a perfect antidote to the summer heat. Big thanks to our friends at 3CR and of course the Footscray Community Arts Centre. Enjoy!

John Edgar Interview with Gaby from 3CR (MP3, 1.5MB, 1:03min)

3CR Sessions Track 1 (MP3, 7.3MB, 5:18min)
3CR Sessions Track 2 (MP3, 10.1MB, 7:59min)
3CR Sessions Track 3 (MP3, 9.0MB, 6:34min)

John Edgar ABC Interview:
Listen to Ambient Orchestras founder John Edgar discuss the program and winning the 2009 Australian Music Council Music in Communities Award! This interview with host Tracy Bartram is from the ABC Melbourne 774 Breakfast Program in late December 2009 and also features the track Nightscape from All Kinds of Fairytales (which you can also download below).

John Edgar interview with Tracy Bartram, ABC Radio Melbourne, (MP3, 1.3MB, 5:36min)

Audio from All Kinds of Fairytales:
The Footscray Ambient Orchestra has recently completed recording the score for All kinds of Fairytales, a production by the Boilover Theatre Group. The group worked to specifications, including a seaside scene, a nighttime scene, a shadow puppet scene and a wistful introductory piece for the show. Check out some of the MP3's from the production:

Seascape, Footscray Ambient Orchestra, (MP3, 4.7MB, 5:01min)

Nightscape, Footscray Ambient Orchestra, (MP3, 4.8MB, 5:14min)

Other Audio:

Whistful, Footscray Ambient Orchestra, (MP3, 5.3MB, 5:45min)

Shadow Puppets, Footscray Ambient Orchestra, (MP3, 3.6MB, 3:53min)

Arnhem Land, Footscray Ambient Orchestra, (MP3, 7.2MB, 6:15min)

Print Media:

"Program Plays to Members' Strengths", Friday 15th January 2010, Maribyrnong Leader

Image from The Advocate Newspaper, Tuesday 2nd February 2010

"Inner artist to the fore", Tuesday 12th May 2009, Star News

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